E.L.F How it will help make a difference

This makeup is mineral base, and not animal testes, and is considered vegan. Animals are constantly tested. How you can make a difference by purchasing makeup, of this brand 

1.your helping a corporation grow to stop animal abuse 

2. how? By purchasing products that are not tested on animals that’s how you can make a difference.

3. It will aid and, put those company that abuse by testing on animals, out of business, or to be able to force a change in there company rules. Be that one person that needs to make a difference, spread the word. Share my website you can purchase in shop now.

4. If you’re interested make a difference for yourself, and the world, help aid in stopping animal abuse, that’s why I recommend e.l.f. 

let’s say Amazon runs out of stock you can search for a different product. From e.l.f. or any other products, And is affordable. 

If your concern about your credit card information, do not worry. Amazon deals with your information. 

We as the people helped them grow we can also stop there grow.

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