recomended for all E.L.F

If you want to know why I recommend them. E .l.f makeup foundation?

This; is why I looked everywhere online on affordable makeup, that is safe for all of my family out there. “yes” you. I found that e.l.f makeup is mineral based, not tested on animals , and is vegan. I need to help you find what you’re looking to find.

why do you want to help ous?

I got tired of buying products, yes that, in the long run, will damage your skin. This products out there that have so much chemical will do more harm than good. Which soon will lead you to doctors, and will be a waste of your money. Why do that to yourself? When you can care for yourself the natural way.

Let me tell you something right, that I almost fell for. I want it to become a presenter for the younique foundation. I decided to do more research on younqique. Lots of bad reviews. With the presenter for younique, your just an extra buck to some. I create this website because i do not want to sell to you at an affordable price. But to treat you like family, to have someone to talk to if need to.

And help you find what you’re looking to find. I am tired of all these scammers that only go after your money, To them, it’s business, to me it’s personal?

why is it personal?

In the scriptures it says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s why to me you all deserve to be treated as brothers and sisters yes I forgive the scammers for they no not what they do.

I want to help you; I need to.

So the products I recommend are e.l.f for your skin try it out. My wife loves it and wants me to buy her more to replace her set of makeup so I will get her more e.l.f. Mascara, I hope you love the product as well.

May God bless you and keep you safe, thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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